Inspiring images for your outdoor project

We write some inspiration and information about aluminium building materials, and also some of the latest news in the industry, if you want to customize your own aluminium building materials, you can take a look at the following information, we hope you get inspiration from it, you can also contact us for your own aluminium solution

Australian Custom 220 Series Pergola

Three sides against the wall


Personalized custom pergola

Thank you Gu Mei for the plan I made, I like it very much


Korean roof pergola

The rooftop pergola my friend raves about


Korean 220 series pergola

This pergola gives my roof some more leisure space


US 220 Series Backyard Pergola

Adding an outdoor kitchen to my backyard with this pergola


Mauritius 168 series garden pergola

I love this pergola, shade from the sun and even keeps the coconuts from falling


Korean 220 series terrace pergola

It is being installed, looking forward to the effect after installation


Korean outdoor 220 series pergola

Add a sheltered space to the outdoors


Canada 168 series pergola

Gumei's pergola gave me some extra space

Glass style on three sides


Singapore swimming pool Retractable Roof

Folding canopy provides shelter from the sun for my pool


Swedish outdoor Retractable Roof

Reliable snow resistance


Aluminium Carport

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